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Making a Difference

Bruno Renevey's goal to make a difference is a vision of a world in which we're all part of the solution. A life-long fan of bags, Bruno found a way to unite his love of bags with his care for Mother Nature. He decided to use discarded sails as a fabric to make bags.

The brand renevey was born about six years ago, almost a decade after Bruno created his first bag. Hand-made in Zurich, Bruno coined the craft and art of making his bags as Raw Sail Tailoring (the upcycling process of giving new life, meaning and purpose to old sails). By repurposing used sails Bruno strives to safeguard the environment by reducing and discouraging the use of plastic-based bags.

Sails offer strength, identity and durability, as a great and expressive bag should. And more importantly, re-purposing used sails into bags is environmentally friendly and sustainably responsible. Bruno's hope is that every bag not made of plastic or animal parts is a win for Mother Nature and a win for Mankind.

Let's give Mother Nature a break. Let's be part of the solution. Let's make a difference.

renevey - Making a Difference

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